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Welcome to AlpAddict!

AlpAddict is the Alps specialist!

In fact, it's the only website specializing in the countries of the Alpine arc, from France to Slovenia, via Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein!

The Alps experience

Blog articles blog and pages dedicated to each of the main destinations in the Alps to help you plan the holiday of your dreams.

Whether authentic, exotic, unusual or simply relaxing, your stays in the Alps are guaranteed to fill you up with fresh air, magnificent scenery and wonderful memories!

You can visit the Alps in all four seasons of the year!

Discover Europe's most beautiful region with AlpAddict.

Whether you're looking for a lakeside break, a ski holiday or a stroll through the valleys and traditional villages, let AlpAddict inspire your reading.

Just want to go, and find your destination with AlpAddict.

For Alpine enthusiasts, our books and shopping sections offer gift ideas to help you prepare for your trip or continue living the Alpine dream at home.

The Alps Travel Planner

If you need help and guidance in choosing your destination region, accommodation, transport and activities to make the most of your experience in the Alps, call on our Travel Planning service.

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Books about the Alps recommended by alpAddict

Need some inspiration?

New articles are regularly added to the AlpAddict blog, inviting you to travel all over the Alps. A source of inspiration for your future travels, but also a mine of useful information on the destination of your choice! Enjoy your reading.


Alpaddict destinations

Discover destinations?

AlpAddict offers you descriptive fact sheets for each of the major Alpine regions. You'll find suggestions for discoveries, accommodation options (service available mid-2024), suggested activities, access information, and lots of other useful information to help you plan your stay. Enjoy your discovery!


AlpAddict Travel Planner

Travel Planning

AlpAddict offers a Travel Planning service to discover the seven countries of the Alpine arc.

The Travel Planner advises and assists you in choosing the destination or itinerary that will best fulfill your travel desires. At your vacation destination, he or she will suggest accommodations, culinary experiences and activities to suit your desires. Last but not least, he can also advise you on transport to your destination and local travel arrangements.

For you, it saves time and energy, and above all you benefit from the Travel Planner's expertise and knowledge of your destination in the Alps.


Alpine-themed gift ideas

Looking for gifts?

Looking for gift ideas with an Alpine theme?

AlpAddict always has ideas for you!

Visit our Books and Shopping boutiques!

Here you'll find a selection of books about the Alps and useful accessories for your hikes or walks in the Alps.

Olivier, creator of AlpAddict and Travel Planner

Who is AlpAddict

Hi there!

My name is Olivier, and I love sharing the best that the Alpine countries have to offer!

I've spent time in all the Alpine countries, and have surveyed virtually every nook and cranny of every valley.

I used to live in the Piedmontese Alps and now I live in Savoie, in the French Alps. When I was younger, I spent my vacations between the Dolomites and Haute-Savoie. As soon as I was independent, and for decades now, I've enjoyed holidays in Switzerland, Bavaria, Austria, Slovenia and I've even visited Liechtenstein!

I wanted to share all the cultural, heritage, geographical and aesthetic riches that the Alps have to offer, through the specialized medium of AlpAddict, on this website and on Instagram.

Gradually, I'll be adding to the content: more and more videos, articles, webcams...

All this will enable you to start planning your trip by immersing yourself in the destination of your choice.

And if you think that entrusting the planning of your stay to an expert in the Alps is faster, more efficient and even more to your liking, then I'll be happy to accompany you in this discovery, through my Travel Planning service!

Enjoy your reading,

and maybe see you soon!

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