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A walk on the shores of Lake Como

A visit to Lake Como!

Lake Como, Italy's most romantic lake

Nestled in the heart of the Italian pre-Alps, Lake Como reveals itself like a sparkling jewel, surrounded by majestic mountains whose peaks seem to caress the heavens. Its deep-blue waters reflect the slender silhouettes of cypress trees and opulent villas, testimony to timeless elegance. Like a living canvas, this landscape is adorned with changing hues from dawn to dusk, offering an ever-renewed spectacle to traveling souls. The shores of the lake, dotted with charming villages with cobbled streets and ancient churches, tell age-old stories to those who know how to listen. The mountains, benevolent guardians, offer winding paths through dense forests, opening windows at times onto breathtaking panoramas, where water and sky merge in perfect harmony. Here, nature orchestrates a symphony of wild and tamed beauty, inviting the traveler to meditative contemplation, to a rapture of the soul before so many natural splendors, both powerful and delicate. Lake Como, with its contrasts and revelations, remains an ode to beauty, a haven of peace where the spirit can recharge, carried away by the murmur of water and the breath of mountains, in an eternal embrace between man and nature.

On the boat from Tremezzo to Bellagio, you think back to everything you enjoyed on the left bank of Italy's most romantic lake.

The city of Como, with its medieval center, its Silk Museum, whose factories enriched the region's industrialists, and the magnificent classical façade of the lakeside Villa Olmo, delighted you. You loved wandering through the narrow streets of this city that looks out over the lake but sees only a tiny part of it.

Then you tried to see more by taking the funicular up to Brunate. The town revealed itself at your feet, as did the western arm of the lake. Long, very long, like a fjord, with dense, bushy vegetation and villages that follow one another along the shores of the lake.

Lake Como Parks and Villas

On the shores of Lake Como, where the waters gently caress the shores, stand parks and villas of breathtaking beauty, glimpses of human grandeur integrated with natural splendor. Among these gems, Villa Carlotta, with its lush botanical gardens, offers an explosion of color and fragrance, a veritable Eden where sculptures and fountains add a touch of grace to the floral diversity. Not far away, the Villa del Balbianello, accessible by a winding path or by the tranquil waters of the lake, stands majestically on a promontory offering breathtaking views that have captured the hearts and imaginations of many visitors. Its geometrically perfect terraces and loggias, open to the infinite, tell stories of love and adventure, rest and contemplation.

In these spaces where the art of living blends with the poetry of the place, each villa and each park tells a unique story, an invitation to dream. Villa Melzi, with its English-style garden lined with rare species and dotted with ancient monuments, creates a harmonious dialogue between man and nature, a symphony of colors and shapes that evolves with the seasons. These residences, anchored in the landscape like precious stones set in a jewel box of greenery and water, offer visitors an escape into time, a journey through history and beauty, where every step reveals new wonders, unexpected vistas over the lake, secret corners filled with serenity. Right here, in Bellagio, the pearl of Lake Como, situated at the junction of the two arms of the lake, finally at its widest point, off the Villa Melzi you can already contemplate the north, infinity, the snow-capped mountains snow-capped mountains in the distance, a misty horizon. From Spartivento Point, the landscape is even more open, spectacular, almost uncluttered. The village of Bellagio, its narrow streets, staircases, little squares, boats lined up in the harbour, a few Riva racing cars waiting for tourists in a hurry, or simply wanting to indulge once in a while, and relive a scene from Dolce Vita.

Perhaps on your next stage to Menaggio or Varenna.

Charm and refinement

Here, all is charm, all is refinement.

The parks and villas of Lake Como, with their refined architecture and sumptuous gardens, bear witness to man's love of beauty, places where nature and human ingenuity meet to create tableaux vivants, open-air works of art where every sight, every scent, every breath of wind invites contemplation and wonder. In this harmony between culture and nature, Lake Como reveals itself not only as a dream landscape, but also as a celebration of human creativity and passion, a place where the soul can travel, free and inspired, beyond the boundaries of everyday life.

You're still on Lake Como, and already you're thinking about your next stay, here, again.


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Discover Lake Como on video

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  • Vercana: lake and mountain views.
  • PigraA bird's-eye view of the lake from this mountain webcam
  • NaggioA view of the lake from the air! The Menaggio refuge, in front of Bellagio.
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  • Cable car ride to Brunate
  • Crossing the lake between Menaggio, Bellagio and Varenna
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    • Villa Olmo (Como)
    • Villa Balbianello (Lenno)
    • Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo)
    • Villa Melzi (Bellagio)
    • Villa Serbellona (Bellagio)
    • Villa Monastero (Varenna)
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