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Around the Triglav in Slovenia

Triglav and the Slovenian Alps!

The Slovenian Alps

There's a place in Slovenia that everyone has seen at least once in a photo.

From the shores of Lake Bled, you can admire this islet on which a church is photographed by tourists from all over the world at any time of year.

Not to be missed! There are images, like the one of Lake Bled, that have been reproduced in books, on postcards and on social networking sites, but still manage to amaze you when you see them with your own eyes.

The photogenic mountains you see behind the village of Bled are those of the Karawank massif in the Julian Alps, on the border with Austria. The Triglav massif has yet to appear, above the opposite bank.

The Triglav massif

It's a hidden massif after all! In fact, you can only see some of these peaks from Kranjska Gora or Mojstrana, further north, two well-equipped summer and winter resorts.

From Mojstrana, a road leads to a parking lot in a deep valley at the foot of Triglav. But you won't be able to see the summit.

And for good reason: the Triglav massif is covered in dense coniferous forest, and finding a viewpoint is a tricky business. On the other hand, this natural park is teeming with wild animals, the most emblematic of which is the bear!

Experienced hikers love the trails in this Rocky Mountain-style park. Wilderness, silence, ruggedness. Few areas in the Alps are so well preserved.

If you prefer beautiful scenery and a more affordable mountain, then you'll have to go to the southern side of the massif.

Lake Bohinj inspires you to enjoy more challenging hikes. At the bottom of a very green valley, this lake provides a breath of fresh air. You'll appreciate the thickness of the forest, which in this region seems to have decided to leave no space for man.

The Soča Valley

For rafting and kayaking enthusiasts, the must-see spot is Bovec, on the Isonzo River (Soča in Slovenian) famous for its emerald-colored water. The Tolmin and Soča gorges will be your white-water playground.

The small village of Bovec, which lies at the bottom of a wide valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, welcomes you for your summer white-water activities, and for skiing in winter, thanks to its link with the Sella Nevea ski area in Italy's Friuli region.

To complete the loop, in summer only, you can travel from Bovec to Kranjska Gora along the western flank of the Triglav. This is a superb road, with fifty twists and turns to cross the Vršič pass at an altitude of 1,600m, from where you have the best view of the massif.

Ljubljana, a lovely capital

On the other hand, Slovenia is a small country and short distances allow you to reach other tourist destinations. It's unthinkable to come here and not visit the capital Ljubljana. A small, historic town with a beautiful castle, Baroque churches and little bridges crossing the river in front of colorful building facades. It's the kind of Mittel-Europa you'll find in Prague, Zagreb or Budapest, but also in Trieste and all the other towns that once had the Habsburgs as their masters.

Slovenia's Triglav massif is a small, wild universe. This region is ideal for nature sports enthusiasts, and its villages offer the chance to relax in a bucolic setting and discover a very different alpine culture from the one we're used to sharing.


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Discover the Triglav massif on video

The best webcams in the Triglav massif

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  • Mount Triglav From the top of the mountain, live!
  • Kranjska GoraKranjska Gora: Lake Jasna, with the Triglav massif in the background.
  • BledThe whole of Lake Bled is revealed to you. Make the most of it!
  • Lake BohinjA beautiful webcam to discover the lake and its surroundings
  • BovecThe landscape around Bovec
Alps Discovery Activities

Activities not to be missed in the Triglav massif

  • The magnificent site of Lake Bled, its island, its castle, not to be missed for anything in the world.
  • Lake Bohinj
  • A walk from Kranjska Gora to Lake Jasna.
  • Discover the Zelenci nature reserve
  • Learn Nordic disciplines at the Planica sports center
  • Try your hand at whitewater sports in the green waters of the Soča (Isonzo in Italian) at Bovec.
  • Admire the Triglav massif from the Kanin cable car in Bovec
  • Take the fifty-lap road through the wilderness of the Vrsic Pass, and it's even better by bike.

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